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lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

los Jackass desnudos

Los de Jackass desnudos

MTV's "Jackass" came into our lives in 2000 and showed us that being insane can be profitable. We've learned many things from those crazy bastards during their tenure: the importance of TV disclaimers; to never challenge Butterbean to a fight; and to never fall asleep in the presence of Mr. Bam Margera.
But most important, we've learned that man is mortal. Yes, hurling oneself backward on a bike or stapling one's scrotum to the leg will have painful repercussions. Relive the most horrible self-inflicted traumas after the jump.

7) Bucket Cars





macarras descerebrados de "Jackass"

Wee-Man de Jackass desnudo en los MTV EMA Madrid 2010Wee-Man de Jackass desnudo

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